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Neuroathletics for Riders

Neuroathletics for Riders


Using the power of brain science to unlock the equestrian body’s full potential.


Every movement of the rider's body starts in the brain. In these pages, Olympic competitor and coach Marc Nölke explains how to direct the specific areas of the brain that control stability, sense of rhythm, precision of movement, breathing, and vision. With his unique brain-focused exercises, riders learn how to change the input sent to their brain to get healthier, more athletic output, which can include intentional and unintentional movement, and functions of circulatory, hormonal, or immune systems.


The brain decides how you ride and how you feel when you ride based on the input you send it. Traditionally equestrians have worked to improve the brain's output (riding skills) by training the output (riding skills). Nölke's innovative “Neuro-Rider Program” is based on achieving better output (better riding skills), not by endlessly practicing the movements, but instead by changing the input—what you send to your brain for it to process and interpret.


In a series of over 40 unique exercises, Nölke helps riders improve the signals they send to their brain from the:

  • Proprioceptive system
  • Visual system
  • Vestibular system
  • Respiratory system


Regular practice will improve the rider's overall performance as well as address specific issues, such as:

  • Coordination and fine-tuning of the aids
  • Body symmetry
  • Head posture
  • Hand position
  • Anxiety in certain situations
  • Inappropriate emotions and emotional responses
  • Difficulties with rhythm
  • Unlevel hips
  • Shoulder crookedness
  • Focus and concentration


In time, Neuro-Rider training will make you feel lighter on horseback, help you follow the horse's movements more naturally, increase your relaxation in the saddle, and enable you to become more effective overall. With options to perform exercises on or off the horse, this book offers a practical way for any rider—regardless of age, ability, discipline, or time—to steadily improve in distinct and profound ways.

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