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Essential Horse Speak

Essential Horse Speak


In 2016 Sharon Wilsie's Horse Speak: The Equine—Human Translation Guide broke new ground for anyone who works with horses, providing a practical system to “listening” and “talking” to horses in their language instead of expecting them to understand ours. Now Wilsie has provided the most complete guide to Horse Speak ever. Those familiar with Wilsie's work will find novel ideas that have developed since the first book was released, and those new to Horse Speak will be supported with fundamental lessons that will allow them to start having authentic “conversations” with their horses during their very next trip to the barn. With a focus on how horse training methods in general can be improved with certain small changes in movement and mindset, Wilsie has once again created a resource of immense value across the equestrian spectrum.

  • Solidify basic language skills—General Horse Speak fundamentals, plus new discoveries.


  • Observe the horse's environment and movement signals—The “Chessboard of Life” and how horses negotiate it.


  • Know the Buttons and what they do—The 15 communication centers on the horse's body, plus new connections and Conversations.


  • Understand herd dynamics and your horse's type—Personality and energy types to assist you in understanding the role your horse is playing in his daily interactions.


  • Explore the circular nature of horse Conversations—How the Four Gs and IINN help you remember where you are in a Conversation with your horse.


  • Start the Conversation outside the box—Safe and effective ways to initiate connection and source breakthroughs from a distance and in environments other than arenas.


  • Invite the horse to come with you—Best practices for haltering, leading, and backing up in hand so it is less challenging and a more rewarding experience for both you and your horse.


  • Advance your body language at liberty and on the longe line—Keys to developing the rapport we desire with a horse by understanding his balances and imbalances on the ground.


  • Ride with a new perspective—Take all that you have learned about communicating with the horse on the ground and bring it to your shared experience in the saddle.


  • PLUS, use the one-of-a-kind Dictionary of Horse Speak to find out how to know what your horse is telling you, how to say things in reply to him, and how Horse Speak can help you fix common training and behavior problems.


With illuminating sections on basic handling, groundwork, and ridden work, Wilsie gives readers everything they need to improve the training techniques they already use by enhancing both horse and human understanding of the process and the goals. The result is improved behavior, enhanced performance, and a happier, healthier equine partner in whatever you choose to pursue together.

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