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Course Description
This course introduces the why and how of clinical research in the field of equine clinical practice. Topics include the different types of research (clinical and epidemiological), different forms of research reviews and research study design, and how to critically review a scientific manuscript using an accepted format of literary citation.

This self-paced course is designed for anyone involved in the field of equine clinical care, with a specific emphasis on sports medicine and rehabilitation. Students are invited to the AASS and Equinology Equine Clinical Research Methodology Facebook group, so they can ask questions and share resources.

*This course is required for the EEBW Level II certification (optional for those who hold a PhD or MSc, or students who can show an academic/educational background with a module of research/statistics). 


$ 75.00 USD

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OAES: Evidence Based Rehabilitation for Equine Kissing Spine

Course Description

My horse has been diagnosed with Kissing Spines, now what?!

This online course from the Online Academy of Equine Science offers the latest evidence-based information about Kissing Spines from leading specialists. Open to all owners, riders, trainers and equine healthcare professionals, this class will help you understand the condition, make informed choices about the current treatment options and learn safe and appropriate hands-on techniques to support your horse during all phases of rehabilitation.


$ 175.00 USD

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OAES: Introduction to Saddle Fitting

Course Description

How can I tell if my saddle fits?!

This online course from the Online Academy of Equine Science is designed for owners, riders, trainers and equine healthcare professionals. Students will learn evidence-based principles of saddle fit for English and Western saddles , with practical evaluation and fitting techniques.
The course is divided into 8 parts, learning exercises at the end of each section.  Although billed as an introduction to saddle fitting, you will find that this course is more comprehensive than most saddle fitting classes.

Students have one year to complete the course after registration.


$ 95.00 USD

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OAES: Owner's Guide to Diagnostic Imaging

Course Description

This online, work-at-your-own-pace course will help you understand the different modalities available for equine diagnostic imaging, and why your vet might recommend a specific modality. You will also learn what your vet is looking for and what the vet might see when evaluating diagnostic images.

What are  the different types of diagnostic imaging available?

Why did my vet recommend a certain modality for my horse’s issue?

What is my vet looking for when evaluation the images?


$ 50.00 USD

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OAES: Equiband System : What, Why and How

Course Description

This FREE COURSE will teach you the do’s and don’ts of how and when to use the Equiband System by Equicore Concepts. You will also learn the science behind the original Equiband system, as well as examples of use in movement retraining and rehabilitation.

- the Equiband System by Equicore Concepts: Science & Application

- how to fit the Equiband System


$ 0.00 USD

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OAES: When to Call Your Vet

Course Description

What would you do if you showed up at the barn to find your horse not eating, pawing the ground or suddenly lame?

In this online, self-paced course, Dr. Carrie Schlachter, VMD, DACVSMR will take you through different “what if?” scenarios. You will learn the difference between urgency and emergency, how to read vital signs, and what to do under different circumstances of sudden illness or injury.


$ 0.00 USD

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Evidence-Based Equine Rehabilitation (EBER)

Course Description

37 RACE approved online lectures with a final examination presented by leading veterinarians and specialists, on every topic  relevant to equine sports medicine and rehabilitation. 

Lectures include: 

Equine confirmation and performance

Equine functional anatomy and biomechanics

Process of disease and General Equine pathologies 

Diagnostic Imaging 

Tendon & Ligament Pathology 

Osseous pathology 

Pathologies of the equine thoracic and pelvic limb

Muscle pathology and more.......


$ 2250.00 USD

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AOI - Functional Osteopathy

What is Functional Osteopathy?

Osteopathy for animals is a highly integrated form of manual medicine for animals. which is founded on a solid understanding of functional medicine and osteopathic concepts and principles. It identifies the impact of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors on an animal’s health and utilizes a clinical process of elimination and osteopathic testing to localize the underlying cause of dis-ease. Practitioners of this science and art, use techniques to treat all aspects of the body through extensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology. This allows them to treat the whole being, from the muscles and bones to the organs (viscera) and neurological system.  

Animal osteopaths work closely with vets and other veterinary professionals to ensure the very best care for the animal patient. They seek to find for that, which is within the body (such as neuromuscular dysfunction or visceral imbalance) and that which is outside the body (such as environmental factors and diet). Collectively, they find long-term solutions. 

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Equine Pathway

Canine Pathway

Equine Practicum scheduled for September 13 - 17, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta

Canine Practicum scheduled for September 19 - 23, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta

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