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CIECBW Alumni Testimonials

Certified graduates of our courses can be found around the world!

See what our alumni have to say about their education through the Canadian Institute of Equine and Canine Body Works.


Equine Body Work - Jody

Jody Schulze-McMann

Broken Spur Equine Therapy

"I have taken a number of courses through the Equinology Program and the Canadian Institute of Equine & Canine Body Works. I have found the courses to be well organized and a lot of fun. The caliber of instructors is phenomenal and I have found that they are all dedicated to furthering their own knowledge. The depth of knowledge presented at each course is fantastic.


I also appreciate that students are required to complete externships after each course before receiving any credit. It takes the knowledge learned at the course to another level, and also gives you another chance to receive further feedback from some very knowledgeable people.


I have taken courses from a few different places, and the Equinology program is always high on my list of recommendations for those interested in Equine Body work education."

Equine Body Work Brittney

Brittany Roskey

GaitWay Equine Therapy

"While trying to find my right life path, I came across the Equinology and the Canadian Institute of Equine & Canine Body Works. From day one I was welcomed with open arms, and educators that took the time to really explain the content.


The courses are filled with an amazing depth of knowledge, pushing students to strive for success. The instructors are unbelievable individuals, as well as all the staff that go out of their way to ensure success and understanding for all of the students.


I feel blessed to be a part of this school, and highly recommend the Equinology courses for individuals interested in Equine Body Work."


Becky Denny

Whispering Equine Bodyworks

"When I decided to make a career change, I spent many hours researching my choices. There are so many schools out there that offer a large range of education choices. I decided to go with the Canadian Institute of Equine and Canine Body Work because they required more of me than any other school I had researched.


I loved the required immersion in the equine anatomy pre-course, with each new learning it awoke a further passion in me to learn more as I realized how much I didn’t really know. It prepared me to move into the Equine Body Worker Certification course with confidence and knowledge. Knowing that I had to work through all of the learnings presented during the 9 day hands on course drove me to improve and learn with each new horse I came to. The course gives you everything you need to complete and start a successful career as a part of a professional equine wellness team. 

I am excited to continue not only my career but my education as a part of the CIECBW family!"

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