Concise Guide to Respiratory Disease in the Horse

Concise Guide to Respiratory Disease in the Horse


From simple coughs to chronic heaves, problems with the horse's respiratory tract can be challenging and frustrating to owners and veterinarians. Not only are medical problems affecting the various parts of the respiratory tract quite common, they are also often difficult to diagnose and treat.

This valuable guidebook helps illuminate equine respiratory disease by introducing the reader to the anatomy of the horse's respiratory tract and discussing the diagnostic methods and treatments usually used today.

Individual chapters are devoted to the upper and lower airways and the four most common diseases of the respiratory tract -- "shipping fever," "strangles," "heaves," and "bleeding" -- walking the reader through symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis.This guide is the first step in understanding how and why respiratory disease occurs, providing readers the knowledge necessary to intelligently and rationally discuss potential problems with their veterinarians. Its emphasis on preventative care can also help owners examine management practices that may contribute to their horses' health problems. "Your horse," asserts the author, "deserves nothing less."

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