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Canine CCBand™

Canine CCBand™

SKU: CanineCCband™

CanineCCband™ was developed by a specialist group of veterinarians, veterinary physiotherapists and sports therapists, whose practices focus on canine sports medicine.

Why choose CanineCCband™? 

  • For isolation of different muscle groups for specific strengthening
  • For constant resistance through full range of motion
  • For progressive resistance training to match the incremental stages of recovery and conditioning
  • For improvement of dynamic stability
  • For improvement of muscular endurance
  • For low-impact loading, which is ideal for use with musculoskeletal issues such as osteoarthritis

Canine Therapeutic Strengthening


The CanineCCband™ system uses proprioceptive stimulation to activate neural pathways of muscles or muscle groups that are weaker or have a reduced activation due to orthopaedic or neurological conditions. This is known as proprioceptive retraining. Through different means of attaching the bands onto the body of the dog, different muscles are stimulated, either in combination with static exercises, or when used in movement (re)training.


Package includes:
canineCCband™ 1: LIGHT RESISTANCE for early stages of rehabilitation or conditioning
canineCCband™ 2: MEDIUM RESISTANCE for strengthening and muscular endurance
canineCCband™ 3: HEAVY RESISTANCE for advanced movement retraining


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