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Anatomy of Equine Bodywork: The Equinology® Approach

Anatomy of Equine Bodywork: The Equinology® Approach


Over 750 pages of illustrations, photographs and contributions from leading specialists. A journey of years of practice created by equine anatomist, artist, teacher and Master Equine Body Worker Debranne Pattillo. Debranne crafted this resource in collaboration with leading veterinarians, anatomists and equine health care specialists from around the world. What’s within represents decades of sifting and sorting. Thousands of hours of pulling apart, putting back together, watching, feeling, refining and practicing. A symphony of sharp minds dedicated to understanding the horse and having you join them.

Many books address anatomy, and many books discuss bodywork, but few combine both of these essentials at this level of expertise.

Q. There are so many books out there what makes this different than the others?
A. The problem isn’t in ‘finding’ information these days, rather finding information you can trust, use and easily learn from. It’s a rare combination. And yet here it is from Master Equine Body Worker and Equinology CEO, Debranne Pattillo.

Q. How is the anatomy presented in this book?
A. Leading medical illustrators specifically Laurie O’Keefe, Celia Strain (Equus Magazine Director) and Rachael Walker of Dragon Walker Studios combined their efforts to present fresh illustrations for you. Dr. Peter Flood, veterinarian and anatomy professor, spent several years working with Debranne to rewrite muscle location, function, innervation, structure and common issues presented with muscle dysfunction.
20 years of photographs depicting the painted horse by Debranne is recorded and demonstrated throughout this work.

Q. I took the EEBW course; how is this book different than the course manual?
A. If you took the course from 2014 onward much of the content is the same. However, since then the entire book has been redesigned with a fresh layout and new index, it has been edited by a veterinarian, new illustrations have been added for the individual muscle section and finally it has been proofread to provide consistency throughout the book. AND, now it is in book form, no more spiral binding or binders.

Q. What else will this book provide and how will it support my learning process?
A. To truly enhance your relationship with horses as a professional and an owner you need a lot more than a big heart. You need knowledge. Because alongside knowledge comes the next level of care - the one where you make decisions that are closer to the ones horses would make for themselves. Suddenly you can provide…
More comfort. 
More happiness. 
More ease. 
More freedom of movement. 
Better health. 
This book has been given a thumbs up by veterinarians and specialists devoted to the sport horse such as Dr. Kerry Ridgway, Dr. Claudia Sonders, Manolo and Kate Mendez of Equestrian La Mancha, Australia, numerous successful equine body workers and riders of various disciplines who understand what it takes to keep an athlete going comfortably and even more importantly, happy.

Q. I am taking the Equinology Equine Body Worker Certification course in 2019. Is this the text that I need to purchase for that course?
A. Yes it is. You are also able to purchase it at any of the onsite independent Equinology company presentations (Equinenergy, Canadian Institute of Equine and Canine Body Work, Equinology ANZ, Equicanis Africa)

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