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NKTC - Neurokinetic Therapy Canine

Course Description

"In the animal (equine and canine) seminars, students learn the concepts of motor control theory and the NeuroKinetic Therapy system's protocol.  Manual muscle testing (through an indicator) will be demonstrated for each segment of the body of the animal.  How to recognize compensation patterns, whether they are from reciprocal inhibition or a dysfunction in a kinetic chain, will comprise much of the classroom theory and practical sessions."

(excert from


Springbank Equestrian Center

Calgary, Alberta

CANIKEN® Canine/Wolf CoreData™1


Course Description

Unlike any conventionally taught anatomy class, CANIKEN® Canine CoreData™1 Workshop uses the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System.  Participants build 80% of canine anatomy using clay, on specially designed models of a wolf skeleton.  Using one’s own kinesthetic sense, the three-dimensional (“3D”) modeling process provides a direct, experiential understanding.  At the same time, building on a 1/4 life-sized model helps develop a unique holistic view of anatomy, imbedding your knowledge. 

CoreData™1 workshops were developed and are instructed by Jon Zahourek, founder of the ANATOMY IN CLAY® Learning System used in more than 12,000 schools nationwide.  He has taught the intensive CoreData™1 workshops nationwide for almost 30 years.  

July 29 - August 4, 2020

Denver, CO

Canine Kinesio Taping

Course Description

Right after the olympic games in London everybody knows them: the colorful elastic strips that the athletes wear with pride - no tattoo, no makeup, no war paint, sticking to

shoulders, elbows and knees or calfs - do they have any reason to wear them?

Right now we can buy the strips in supermarkets and have them precut, on rolls, in animal print - they found their way in our therapist life and in our veterinary clinic.

In humans there are a lot of studies that show how the tapes can be used as a therapeutic tool, a preventative tool and as and aid for better proprioception and motor control veterinary medicine is slowly following.

In my daily canine physio and rehab work I find the tapes super useful - let me show you

why and how it is done.

Dr. Sabine Mai


New Dominion, PEI

Slow Motion Gait Assessment & Muscle Function

Course Description

Join CIECBW with Dr. Sabine Mai, taking an indepth look at gait and muscle function.  What muscles are working when the dog is moving? Lets break it down and see! We will take slow motion videos, of the dogs at all gaits as well as the dogs at work in different diciplines.  What are we asking the body to do? What does it effect? How best can we prepare the dogs for the work? What type of exercises would be most beneficial?

All of these questions and more will be answered in this amazing 2 day class.  The Slow motion gait assessment and muscle function is designed to dive right into the therapeutic exercise class to be held on July 16, 2020.


New Dominion, PEI

Therapeutic Exercises for the Canine

Course Description

If we look at our dogs - we see organisms that have evolved to trot effortlessly for long, long distances. Breeds are always changing as man influences character traits, what does this mean for movement in our dogs? Hyper accented gaits, brachyocephalia and chondrodystrophia will stress myofascial tissue in very different ways.  Our dogs work more than ever: Monday, Tuesday its agility, Wednesday and Friday Obedience and the weekends are for competition. Thursday is free? No, this is the herding day…..Other dogs do not have any exercise at all.  Lets learn how to relax and stretch overworked tissue, balance asymmetries, build muscle mass and improve motor control, all by looking at what muscles are being used and what there job is in the movement!


New Dominion, PEI

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